Sofasets wood

Besides wicker and aluminium furniture for outdoor use, Intyle Living also offers wooden sofa sets that radiate a certain warmth. They are perfect for a terrace or conservatory, where they can easily be left standing all year round. No other material offers such a high level of comfort and well-being as wooden sofa sets. On the one hand, they emphasise an exclusive look, on the other hand, they naturally emphasise the closeness to nature.

The high quality wood is robust and resistant and offers a perfect combination with the corresponding supports for the seat and backrest. They invite you to spend relaxing moments for two, with friends or family and create comfortable oases of well-being that are attractive all year round. Whether as a practical sofa set or in individual elements, you can combine our Mallorca seating furniture to suit your individual needs.

Wooden sofa sets for a piece of closeness to nature

Sofa sets made of wood are characterized by a very special noble look. The natural wood surface in combination with the colour contrasting seat and back cushions give your terrace a very special charm. They radiate elegance and grace and are characterised by a warm and cosy atmosphere, which they spread. Our wooden garden furniture is easy to care for and weatherproof and can easily be left outside all year round.

individual lounge furniture made of wood

Wood is a natural material that radiates warmth and charm. Instyle Living presents various lounge furniture with which you can design your balcony, terrace or garden area in an impressive way. With our wooden sofa sets you can bring a piece of nature into your own area to escape the hectic pace of life a little. Our Mallorca seating furniture is a guarantee for a long life, because they are processed in high quality and accompany you for a lifetime.

As Mallorca has a Mediterranean climate, you need lounge furniture that is weatherproof and durable. Our wooden sofa sets fulfil exactly these characteristics, so that they can be used all year round. Nevertheless, it is important that the wood is cleaned once or twice a year to remove dust and dirt from the pores. Afterwards it should be glazed with a wood oil to ensure many years of enjoyment of the wooden sofa set.

Wooden sofa sets for the small and large seating area

Not every terrace, every sitting area in the garden or every balcony is the same size, so that a high degree of individuality is required, especially for lounge furniture. You will find exactly this individuality in our patio furniture, because you can arrange your seating area to suit you. In addition to a cosy round corner, you will also find three-seaters, two-seaters and armchairs that can be flexibly combined with each other in our furniture shop on Mallorca. This includes a matching garden table, which is also made of teak and which harmonises perfectly with the lounge furniture.

To ensure excellent seating comfort, the wooden sofa sets include softly upholstered seat and backrests. They convince by an enormous tear and abrasion resistance as well as a pure seating comfort. At the same time, the cushions of the lounge furniture are waterproof, so that they can be left outside even in bad weather conditions without any problems. The water runs off directly and allows immediate use when the sun comes out again.

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