Sofasets Wickerwork

Wicker furniture is an absolute classic, because it has been a popular seating furniture on the terrace and balcony for many years. While a rattan sofa has fallen somewhat into oblivion in recent years, they are now conquering the outdoor area again. The filigree wickerwork in the seat and back area can be wonderfully combined with cosy large cushions to enjoy the outdoor feeling in a very special way.

The cosy and natural look of our wicker furniture not only spreads a holiday feeling, but also convinces with a pleasant seating comfort. But our luxury furniture Mallorca in modern design can do much more. The high-quality Rehau wicker material is robust and resistant without losing its elegant appearance. It can therefore be left outside in all weather conditions and can be used at any time.

Holiday feeling with Mallorca wicker furniture

If you want a natural-looking, elegant and extraordinary piece of furniture, our wicker furniture is a good choice. They are designed so that they can be left outside all year round so that you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate of Mallorca not only in summer. They convince with a lot of cosiness, with attention to detail and of course with a modern touch.

Wickerwork sofa sets for terrace and balcony

A sofa set usually consists of various elements, including a coffee element, a lounge chair and a matching table. This combination is often suitable for a large terrace or conservatory to create sufficient seating. The number of elements of the Mallorca patio furniture can be combined as you wish in our furniture shop in Mallorca to match the number perfectly to your seating area.

To make the lounge area perfect, there is a practical table matching the relax chairs and lounge sofas. While the lower area is made of Rehau wickerwork material, the surface is an easy-care glass top that simply serves perfectly as a storage surface.

A further advantage of our wicker furniture is that you can choose between different colours. In this way, the sofa set can be wonderfully adapted to the existing conditions to create a harmonious picture. A high degree of seating comfort is ensured not least by the upholstered cushions and backrests, as well as the numerous cushions that you can purchase to match. The cushions are made of water-repellent fabrics, dry quickly after a rain shower and can be used again immediately.

Wicker furniture as individual elements

There is not always enough space to set up a complete sofa set. This is certainly a pity, but at Golf & Garden you have the possibility to put together the wicker furniture individually. In this way you can choose exactly the garden furniture that fits into your outdoor area, without it looking superimposed in the end. No matter whether you choose comfortable lounge chairs or a coffee element, you will not only get modern and attractive seating furniture, but also extraordinary and beautiful outdoor furniture.

Compared to many other wicker furniture, our Mallorca patio furniture has the advantage that it can stay outside all year round. They are made of high quality Rehau wickerwork, are easy to maintain and above all do not change their appearance. With our individual seating elements made of wickerwork you can realise a variety of furnishing ideas. Our luxury furniture Mallorca brings a piece of maritime flair into your own private area and gives it a wonderful ambience.

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