The warmth and energy of the sun is hard to beat to give the body a pleasant feeling. But every now and then it is simply necessary to find a shady place to avoid being exposed to direct UV rays. So you would like a shady place on your terrace or in your garden? Golf & Garden offers you traffic light umbrellas that stand for that special something. They not only provide sufficient sun protection, but also embellish the terrace with their extraordinary design.

The practical traffic light umbrellas are important accessories to keep the sun out. At the same time they are graceful, unconventional and absolutely functional, so they should not be missing on a terrace. Whether as an exotic decoration item that brings the Bali ambience into your own four walls or in a modern design, in the furniture shop on Mallorca you will find exactly the accessories that suit you.

Modern or playful parasols

A parasol not only takes over a practical side in the garden or terrace, but is also a small eye-catcher. This is not least due to the extravagant design, but also to the variable colour scheme. The colour can be perfectly matched to the already existing lounge furniture or forms a unique contrast to it. Our traffic light umbrellas simply convince with a high degree of comfort and flexibility to provide pleasant shading.

The traffic light umbrella with high functionality

Are you looking for a traffic light umbrella that can be individually adjusted to provide sufficient shade at all times? The parasols of our Mallorca luxury furniture offer individuality and flexibility. The height can be perfectly adjusted to the circumstances, so that the seating area is completely in the shade. The width of the arm can also be adjusted so that it stands above the sitting area at all times and can move with the sun.

The material of the parasol is durable, weatherproof and tearproof and is tensioned with the help of stainless steel rods. In addition to adequate shading, the seating area is also well ventilated so that no stowage space can form underneath. A stable stainless steel rod serves as a carrier for the robust traffic light umbrella. It can be adjusted in height in order to achieve a perfect adaptation to the seating area. The whole thing is held by a stable traffic light base, which gives the parasol the necessary stability.

A touch of Exotic in your own garden

Not everyone loves the modern and extravagant, but prefers the playful. With our playful exotic accessories you can transform your garden or terrace into a realm of a thousand and one nights. The parasol matches in colour with a variety of accessories, which ensure a perfect design. Whether with lanterns, small Buddhas or many other things, here you have the possibility to let your wishes run free.

Our furniture shop in Mallorca offers numerous accessories with which you can make individual designs. Whether in an eye-catching pink and orange or a subtle blue, you can choose the colour that matches your own wishes. Create your terrace or balcony in an exotic design and let this ambience take effect. You will be thrilled, because it creates a homely place that is unique and rare.